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Longtime Narrowsburg resident Ken Baim owned and operated the Donut Farm's Donut Machine before he donated it to the Ten Mile River Scout Museum. Ken explains below how the Donut Machine operates. (From a T.M.R. Scout Museum video.)


Introduction: The Donut Farm's Donut Machine with Ken Baim.






"This machine is the donut machine that was used in the later years of the Donut House, where the Scouts went to and could buy donuts, two for a nickle.  I got it from the Donut House many years ago."  




"I'm Ken Baim.  I had it for several years and used it for charitable organizations and groups and made donuts for children Christmas parties, Octoberfests and things like that and the Chamber of Commerce."   





"I donated it three years ago to the Scout Museum.  It has been cleaned and put into good operating order."




"The donut recipe that was used in the donut farm. . ."






"It was manufactured from flour, baking soda and eggs, etc."





"Handmade dough is put into this hopper of about three gallons.  Its a minimum batch of about ten pounds of flour."





"This is pressurized by this air tube to force the dough down through a certain range into the hot fat."





"The machine cycles forward in rotation, 






then a new donut drops inside and one goes out, all in sequence."





Credits Roll.

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