Pre-TMR Camping. Hunter's Island, Kanawaukee Lakes.

Order of the Arrow at summer camp.

Brooklyn Scout Camps at TMR. Brooklyn, Accaponac, Chappegat, Connetquot, Davis Lake, Iphetonga, Kanohvet, Kotohke, Kowamoak, Kunatah, Oseetah, Sacut, Stehahe, Tahlequah, Tanawadah, Waramaug, Wapaga. Hayden.

Bronx Scout Camps at TMR.

Ranachqua, Nianque, Stillwaters, Zumi Village.

Manhattan Scout Camps at TMR. Camp Manhattan, Keowa, Rondack.

Queens Scout Camps at TMR. Camp Man, Lakeside, Kernochan, Central.

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