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Bag Lunch

Cooking Lunch

Units planning to spend several hours or the day at the Museum can always eat their lunch in the Museum’s picnic area. This is particularly recommended if you want a Museum Tour and do some geocaching and/or follow the C.C.C. Camp Ten Mile River historic walk or the G.P.S. walk.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Ask your camp’s Program Director to call the Museum to reserve time for your Unit and let us know which program(s) you want to do. You can also call us directly to schedule a visit.

  2. At least 48 hrs. before your Museum visit, submit through your Camp Program Director a requisition form for either a cooking lunch or a bag lunch.

  3. You can pick up your lunch order from your camp before leaving for the Museum when you first arrive at Headquarters Camp.

  4. Your Scouts can complete the requirements for Archaeology and Scouting Heritage Merit Badges. (Multiple sessions might be required.)

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