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Your Scouts can earn a new award pin after a few hours of trail-work at TMR. The Ten Mile River Scout Museum is issuing this free pin as part of the Ten Mile River Historical Trails award program.  Individuals that earn the trail medal can wear the pin on its ribbon. The pin design is a crossed ax & shovel on an antique-gold arrowhead.

There are two ways to earn the new “trail-work” pin:​

  • Complete an assigned project with a minimum of six hours of trail-work over a single weekend during TMR’s off-season or a week during TMR summer camp. The six hours does not include traveling to or from the trail-work site.

  • While completing the 10-mi. hiking requirement for the Ten Mile River Historical Trails award, complete a minimum of three hours of trail-work along the hike route. This could be either an assigned project or general maintenance trail-work (i.e. determined along the trail).

Picking up litter along the trail is NOT an acceptable project.  The hours of trail-work does not include traveling to or from the trail-work site. Typical trail-work projects include: erecting trail markers, removing or cutting downed trees, trimming excessive vegetation & low-hanging branches, removing branches from the trail, filling in or constructing bridges in muddy sections, any other projects authorized by the TMR Camp staff.

Groups intending to earn this award pin during a weekend campout at TMR should notify the Director of TMR or the GNYC Camping Department well in advance, so that sufficient wood tools, supplies and an assigned project will be provided once they arrive in camp.

Groups intending to earn this pin during TMR summer camp should notify their camp staff while in camp, so that sufficient wood tools and supplies will be provided.  A list of needed trail-work projects will be provided upon request.


All groups must send to a minimum of six GPS-tagged photos of the trail-work project being completed.  Include the Troop number, date of trail-work, contact person name and contact e-mail address.

This pin can be earned whenever TMR is open for camping, weather permitting.  Pin applications can be submitted directly to the Museum at TMR when it is open or through the mail the rest of the year.  See the application form for additional information. 

Trail-work Pin Application Form

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