1947: A Yanofsky Memoir (Alan Yanofsky)

Dear gang, I'm reading all this about Al Goldstein with some interest as I was his patrol leader back in 1947 or '48. He was a shlumpy kid who trailed behind on any hike and we always had to assign someone to walk behind him to "bring up the rear." He was the only kid in the troop that came on a hike wearing a tie. I still have a photo of him in his proper "hiking attire." We had to pound Tenderfoot or Second Class requirements into him so that he could advance in Scouting. I'm sure he didn't get very far with it. He lived across the street from me and I remember patrol meetings in his parents' apartment. As I remember it, his dad was a burly truck driver; I think he worked for Schaeffer Brewery which was a few blocks away on the East River waterfront. His mother was a large and voluptuous, big bosomed blond woman. Alvin's parents were never at home when we met in his place. As patrol leader I was just coming to the age when I was really getting curious about naked women, noticing changes in my lower anatomy when those thoughts came to mind (apologies to the rev). One afternoon while exploring the apartment I entered the "marital chamber" and there above the headboard was the most amazing picture of a large Rubenesque female figure in all her ravishing glory. I'm sure it was Alvin's mother painted in a most lascivious pose. It had an amazing physical effect on me which kind of scared me into immediately getting out of that room. Ah, what memories. Sincerely,Alan

(Editor’s Note: With their respective youthful backgrounds, Al Goldstein grew up to be founder and editor of the magazines, “Eros” and “Screw”; Al Yanofsky grew up to be Al Yanofsky)