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A.T. Shorey (Art Adelman)

I attended Winter Camp just one time, and it was great. The legendary A.T. Shorey was running it. He was already an older man, but I remember very well that one of the activities was shooting 22 rifles, and he did a demo by setting up a playing card down at the end of the range, ON EDGE! and shot it in half with one shot! It was the most impressive shooting I have ever seen, before or since, and that includes 2 years in the army, where I was on the divisional pistol team, and training at the Westchester Police Academy, including 40 hours of firearms training. Really an incredible feat.
I remember A.T. had with him a porcupine he had trained/tamed, and it would climb a rope he held. We were able to pet it, so long as we petted it "with the grain". We also feasted on venison, courtesy of poached deer State Troopers had confiscated and delivered to us. It was a great time.

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