Mop Greenberg (John Cleary)

Al, I remember both you and "MOP" with delight. Mop, a real team player, was the water front "rock of the dock" supreme, with a great sense of investing his efforts to help the campers -- and staff -- get involved in swimming, rowing and canoeing. Lake Wallenpaupack was always an adventure. On a windy day it would become like an ocean. I think that Jim Burns was head of the water front when MOP started there. You were also a treasure at D4. You got the kitchen crew involved in many of the program events. Your description of a horse entitled "A Horsh" delighted many a D4 council fire and arrow dinner. I recall you whenever my children, and now my grandchildren, ask me to tell them "A Horsh". Just as the story you told, your influence doesn't have an ending.

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