Staff Positions (E. Fred Brecher)

The campers went home early in 1947 because the summer was very rainy and they were getting cabin fever. They didn't return for 1948 and that's why D2 was empty that summer.

My day as an unattached staff was spent mostly in the handicrafts lodge, catering to those campers who wished to make something. I was assigned to one table in the dining hall as the "head" of the table. The kids rotated seats every day and the kid on my right was the waiter for that day and the kid on my left was the dishwasher for that day. I had a day off each week and usually spent it loafing or hitchhiking to Monticello, etc. Once in a while I would hitch a ride to HQ's (not Tallequah) as I had befriended a few people there during the orientation week. Most of my spare time was spent canoeing on Rock Lake, I loved that. I was involved in the Tap-Out ceremonies as the technician for lighting the fire "mysteriously". After the Ordeal I served as the guide for the new members. As I remember more I will record it.