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Camp Keowa (Bob Johansson)

I was a camper from 1955-56 then on staff from 1957-1960. I have awesome memories of my time at Camp Keowa. I received my Vigil Honor with my Scoutmaster. We were in Troop 645, Manhattan. There were great merit badge opportunities and awesome tap out ceremonies back in the day. Kenny Rankin now a noted professional, musician, guitarist was on waterfront staff. Joe Klein was our DE. I served in Medical Lodge, Queartermaster, and Bugler in staff positions. Best youth days of my life. Later in life I became a Scoutmaster, Troop Comm. Chairman and served on our Council Advancement Committee in Columbia SC for 20 years. Scouting is as strong or stronger now than it was in the 50's/60's. Keep up the great work at Camp Keowa.

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