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Historic Photo Galleries

The Ten Mile River Scout Museum collects and preserves both photos and postcards that portray the events, personalities, landscapes and structures associated with summer camping in the Greater New York Councils. These photos have been divided into galleries for easy of use. Just click on a gallery link below to see a thumbnail index of images. In addition to this images, check out the museum's on-line collection of staff photos from the various camps.

Gallery 1: Pre-TMR Camping. Hunter's Island, Kanawaukee Lakes.

Gallery 2: Order of the Arrow at summer camp.

Gallery 3: Brooklyn Scout Camps at TMR. Brooklyn, Accaponac, Chappegat, Connetquot, Davis Lake, Iphetonga, Kanohvet, Kotohke, Kowamoak, Kunatah, Oseetah, Sacut, Stehahe, Tahlequah, Tanawadah, Waramaug, Wapaga. Hayden.

Gallery 4: Bronx Scout Camps at TMR. Ranachqua, Nianque, Stillwaters, Zumi Village.

Gallery 5: Manhattan Scout Camps at TMR. Camp Manhattan, Keowa, Rondack.

Gallery 6: Queens Scout Camps at TMR. Camp Man, Lakeside, Kernochan, Central.

Gallery 7: Staten Island Scout Camps at T.M.R. Aquehonga - not yet available.

Gallery 8: Outposts and High Adventure - not yet available.

Gallery 9: Headquarters & Family Camp - not yet available

If you have any pictures that you would like to donate (or scan) to the Museum, or wish to make arrangements to have us scan your pictures for this site, please contact the museum archivist.

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