Ten Mile River Scout Museum Show at the Sullivan County Museum
June 4-22, 2006

The Museum's show at the Sullivan County Museum (Hurleyvilly, NY) kicked off to a great start on Sunday, June 4th with a 90-minute lecture on T.M.R. history (David Malatzky), the T.M.R. C.C.C. Camp (John Dowd) and the T.M.R. Rockshelter (Bernie Sussman).  The lecture was attended by about 30 members of the Sullivan County Historical Society and other local residents responding to articles on the show in local papers.

The exhibit consists of T.M.R.'s history, historic camp photos and information on the T.M.R. Scout Museum.  There are separate displays on the T.M.R. Rocksheler and the T.M.R. C.C.C. Camp.  The 9-minute movie "Origins of T.M.R." was shown as part of Sunday's program and can be viewed during the exhibit on a DVD player.  A display case is filled with a selection of arrowheads, colonial coins, neckerchiefs and patches from the Museum's collection.

Some local residents that camped at T.M.R. in the 1940's & 1950's attended Sunday's show.  One individual was Camp Kernochan director in 1950.  The other camped at Kunatah a few years later.

Here are photos of the show, some provided by the Sullivan County Historical Society:

The Sullivan County Democrat ran our complete press release in their June 2, 2006 edition:

Here is the Sullivan County Democrat article which ran June 9, 2006:

Everyone was very helpful when we set up the exhibit and very friendly during the show.  The exhibit closes on June 22nd.

David Malatzky