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The Museum organized an exhibit on the history of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps in the lobby of the Rudin Management Company Building at 345 Park Ave. (51st. Street), from Nov. 8-11, 2004.  The lobby was made available courtesy of Jack Rudin of Rudin Management.  Mr. Rudin, along with his brother, the late Lewis Rudin, were inducted into the Ten Mile River Hall of Fame in a ceremony that took place in the lobby on Monday, Nov. 8, 2004.  The late Morty Hyman and the late Nick Dale, forever associated with the Brooklyn Scout camps, were also inducted.

The elaborate exhibit, almost 40 ft. long, required moving four display cases and memorabilia from the Museum at Headquarters Camp, T.M.R. to midtown Manhattan.  Eight-foot tall display boards included a T.M.R. history timeline, historic and recent T.M.R. photos, and biographies of the four honorees.  A wide-screen television played a movie on the origin of the T.M.R. camps.  Staff and camp photo albums were also available for review.  See photos of the exhibit.


On Tuesday, December 14th, the Museum provided a T.M.R. history display at the G.N.Y.C. Eagle Reunion at the New York Hilton Hotel.


On Saturday, January 8th, the Museum provided a display on the history of Suanhacky Lodge and Camp Man at the Suanhacky Lodge 75th Anniversary Dinner at Dantes in Jackson Heights, Queens. See photos.


The Museum featured a special exhibit on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frederic Kernochan and their contributions to New York City Scouting and Scouting nationwide. 


What's new at the Ten Mile River Scout Museum in 2005.  


On March 5th the Museum sponsored a promotional display at the Hudson Valley University of Scouting. 


On May 15th Camp Kotohke alumnus United States District Judge David Hittner was given a tour of the Museum. 


See photos of the Roosevelt - Kernochan exhibit


A new exhibit in 2005 was on the Ten Mile River Rockshelter. 


On F.D.R. Day, F.D.R. interpreter Jonah Triebwasser interacted with visiting Scouts. 


The Museum had many visitors on T.M.R. Alumni Day.


See more 2005 Museum pics.


See the Museum exhibit at the GNYC Steakout.  


John Dowd, a member of the Museum Board, gave a lecture on the T.M.R. C.C.C. Camp at a meeting of the Tusten Historical Society.

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