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                                     Earn the Ten Mile River Historical Trails Award at TMR During the Off-Season


The Ten Mile River Scout Museum is introducing the Ten Mile River Historical Trails award, a National B.S.A.-approved historical trail.  Here is how your Scouts can earn the award this spring, fall and winter:

Obtain Trail Award Information

Registration info, including maps and recommended hike routes, is available from the and websites. Paper copies can be requested through the website, or picked up at the Ten Mile River Scout Museum or the G.N.Y.C. office.

Open Season

The Ten Mile River Historical Trails is open to hikers whenever TMR is open for Boy Scout camping. (Note: TMR is closed during the NYS Hunting Season, from mid-November to mid-December each year.)


Units can visit the website to determine when TMR is open for Boy Scout camping.

For a Multi-Day Hike

TMR cabins, lean-tos, and tent sites can be reserved through the website or by contacting GNYC Camping Services (212-651-3077,

For a Day Hike

Inform GNYC Camping Services (212-651-3077, that your Unit wants to satisfy the Ten Mile River Historical Trails award requirements.

Units can arrange a Delaware River canoe trip by calling 845-252-2011 (TMR Main Office).

Your Unit provides it’s own transportation, food, packs, tents, cook kits and stoves.

Register for the Trail Award

The Unit registers for the Ten Mile River Historical Trails through the website, at least three weeks before their earliest hike date.

The Ten Mile River Historical Trails Committee replies to the Unit, confirming their hike date and route, and schedules a date and time to visit the Museum, if open that date.


Upon arrival in camp, check-in with the Ranger staff and inform them what route you will be hiking.  Day Hike groups pay the $1 per person day-use fee.

The Unit completes the hiking/canoeing requirement.

Before leaving camp, check-out with the Rangers so that they know you left safely.

If the Museum is Open

Before, during, or after the hike, the Unit visits the Museum, answers the quiz questions and completes the essays. Once all trail award requirements have been completed, the Unit submits the application form to order trail awards, pays for and receives the trail awards.

If the Museum is Closed

The Unit has eight months to visit the Museum and complete the quizzes and essays.

If the Unit Previously Visited the Museum

The Unit mails the quiz answers, signed essays, application to order trail awards, and payment for trail awards (check made out to “Greater New York Councils, BSA”) to:

Greater New York Councils, B.S.A.

475 Riverside Drive

Room 600

New York, N.Y.  10115

Attn: Ten Mile River Historical Trails

The Museum mails the trail awards to the Unit.

Other Information

Your Unit can complete the hiking/canoeing requirements on a spring  or fall trip to TMR and the Museum visit requirement at TMR summer camp.

For additional information or to ask questions, visit:

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