Brooklyn Patches from the '30's (Bernie Lerner)

Thanks for sending along the summary of the patches. As I said, we were not patch-conscious in the '30's, but the ones in your collection do bring back memories. First of all, I believe the Ranger Camp may have been earned by a stint at the ranger's lean-to in the valley. What I do remember is that in '36, after too many summers as campmaster (Kanohvet) and assistant (Wapoga) Morty Hyman finally snapped. He spent a week as a hermit at the Ranger lean-to, letting his beard grow and living off fish and berries. It must have worked, because he came back to finish the season. I don't recall if he ever got the Ranger Camp patch for his therapy.

The Delaware '39 patch is the one that I got from Stan Fudell and gave to Hal. Stan was one of the select few who were in Delaware in '39, which may have been the only year that it ever existed. Stan was the handicraft man, and a lot of my Troop 121 was along with him at Delaware that year, but not me.

The "S" patch may have been either an early Sacut patch, or a view of the Delaware from the cliffs. Take your pick.

The Brooklyn Tee-Pee first degree is as far as I personally got. I knew of no one who ever got the third degree patch, and only one staffer, named Harold, who ever made second degree. Harold was one of the best-liked staff and camp veterans, but he never made the OA. Harold never could get through the ordeal. As I remember, he was too vocal, and broke three times in one season. The ordeal in the '30's was pretty rough, and may have kept a lot of deserving people, like Harold, on the outside.

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