Camp Memories (Mitch Strauss)

The best memory I have is an incident that happened in '49. We had a bad summer storm one evening sometime about 9 PM. The inevitable happened, we lost what little electricity we had. It was decided that the kitchen freezers would not hold the ice cream. Hence we were requested to distribute the ice cream to the campers. Most were sleeping by the time we got back to our camp sites. I waked one camper up to give him the IC, he asked my what time it was, told it was about 10:30 PM. He told me he could not have the ice cream because it was too soon after a meat meal we had that evening and he was strictly kosher. Another incident involved a camper who came to camp with a washing machine. It was a little portable machine that probably could wash 2 or 3 pairs of socks. He wanted to know where he could plug it in to use. You can guess what my answer was.

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