D4 Canoe Armada (John)

Susan Smith was always such a nice person.

Finn Domaas, who she mentions, was on the D4 waterfront with Pete Flanagan and me. Probably because of the two Irish names, he became to be called Finnigan. Then later by some Finnigan McDomaas. Finn had a great quiet sense of humor. One night a group of D4 staff was returning to the D4 dock in canoes they had left at the Rock Lake dam on their way to the Doughnut Farm. Harvey Smith had just sent out a strongly worded message that no staff were to use the lake after dark. (In fact he was right). Finn was among the returnees. As they came about 100 yards from the D4 Dock, he shot a rocket flair into the air to reveal a minor armada on the lake. No one knew he had it with him. Harvey did not see the event but was told about it by one of the families living on the hill near the Council Fire site. Our efforts (including Finigan's) stretched Blarney almost to the breaking point as we undertook to convince Harvey that the event he thought had occured must have been someone's imagination.

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