The D-4 Sign Theft (Bill Dixon)

It could have been the summer of 1950. By request, Dick, Marv and I were standing in front of Bob Broadwell at his Talequah office. He tells us that someone has "stolen" the large D 4 sign that hangs off the main road as you go into D4 plus a few other signs around the Dining Hall area.

We were shocked!! Absolutely shocked!

He explains that while it does not seem very important this sort of thing can drag more staff in and then it gets to campers and then raids start and it is out of hand. There are more important things to do at Camp Brooklyn.

No one can look more serious then Dick Weidman and he is nodding. Marv and I are trying to inconspicuously move backward to the door. Bob continues...the three of us are senior guys in the camp; we are known by everyone and well liked and well trusted. We can identify the current location of those signs.

We all know he is pouring it on a bit heavy but we agree that locating stolen signs is something we should be able to handle.

He suggests and his voice has a little edge from the normal very soft tone...that the signs be back tomorrow.

We returned them that night!

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