Wallenpaupack Canoe Trip (Morty Fink)

Could it be? My first canoe trip at TMR was in 1948 and to Wallenpaupack! Could it be that both Phil & Eddie were a part of the same group? Will wonders never cease? I even remember the resort lodge name: "White Beauty Rest". And the launching place was Wilson's Landing. The canoes were canvas over wood, before the Grumman aluminum ones became available. It all comes back to me as if it were yesterday. Phil and I would later be team mates on the Lincoln HS track team. I was already friends with Bob, his late younger brother. I think both Eddie and Bernie (nee Irwin) were on the D3 Kunatah staff in 1949 (I was still a camper) and I joined them in 1950 as Infirmary Aide and switchboard operator. All that was over a half century ago yet I can't seem to recall what I had for breakfast this morning.