Wallenpaupack Canoe Trip (Eddie Kay)

In 1948 (I believe) l was 14 and l signed up to go on the Wallenpaupack canoe trip. We were taken to Lake Wallenpaupack by bus and I'll never forget my first impression. As I looked out on what seemed an endless, rough body of water, way beyond what I had

expected, I became very nervous, but there was no turning back. It was a far cry from "Rock Lake." We began unloading our canoes and setting them in the water. Limited personal gear and supplies were all we carried. I made the mistake of winding up in the bow of a two man canoe. At the end of a full day of paddling, my hands were raw, and my arms ached. We finally arrived at a resort lodge, were we camped out at the waters edge for a few days. Thankfully we were picked up there and brought back to camp. It was more than I bargained for, but an experience I've never forgotten.

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