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The Museum had an extremely busy year in 2006, both at T.M.R. and elsewhere.   On January 7th, Bob Chiusano and representatives from Dynamic Design completed the installation of the new capstone for the TMR Monument and the TMR History Map for it's back.  The Museum released a series of 12 C.S.P.'s commemorating the 12 N.Y.C. short-term camps.  See the 12-Camp C.S.P. set.


The Museum established a new display area in the Alpine Scout Camp Scoutmaster's Lounge.  The first exhibit was on the Origin of Alpine Scout Camp.

The Museum began sales of Greater New York Councils Service Corps & Scout Speaker patches and C.S.P.'s.

In June, 2006 the Museum organized a show on the history of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps at the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville.  See the press release and photos and newspaper articles on the show.

The Museum published the Summer, 2006 edition of T.M.R. Smoke Signals.  Chairman Gene Berman released an appeal for donations to build a 20 ft. x 28 ft. Museum extension.  

The Museum sponsored this summer a special exhibit of quilled and beaded decorative American Indian items, including bags and moccasins, knife sheaths, war clubs and trade silver broaches.  All items were loaned for the exhibit by Jake Pontillo, an American Indian expert, who actually made all of the items.


See photos from the T.M.R. Alumni Day at Headquarters Camp.


The Sullivan County Historical Society visited the Ten Mile River Scout Museum on Monday August 7, 2006.   They ate dinner in the HQ Camp dining hall and were given a tour of the Museum by David Malatzky, John Dowd, Jake Pontillo and Bob Chiusano.   Jake Pontillo gave a wonderful talk on his indian artifacts exhibit.  Following dinner, the Society had their August business meeting in the Museum.  See photos.


With Michael Herbert's stuffed birds back, Jake Pontillo's American Indian artifact display and new exhibits on the N.Y.C. Short-term camps and Alpine Scout Camp, the Museum looked the best it has for years.  See the 2006 photos.

The Museum had a display at the 2006 T.M.R. Hall of Fame Induction.

Construction of the new 20 ft. x 28 ft. Museum extension started on December 11th.


The Museum published the Winter, 2006 edition of T.M.R. Smoke Signals.

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