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2020 T.M.R. Museum Historian Award


Scout or Adult,


You can earn the unique 3 in. “No-Covid-19” 2020 T.M.R. Museum Historian Award w/button loop.  No visit to the Museum at the Ten Mile River Scout Camps is necessary.  All requirements can be completed on the Internet.


To earn the 2020 T.M.R. Museum Historian Award, you should do the following:


  1. View the 9-min. video “Origins of T.M.R.” at

  2. View the 11-min. video “Virtual Tour of the Ten Mile River Scout Museum” at

  3. Complete the Ten Mile River Scout Museum Quiz at




  • You are required to provide your First Name, Last Name Initial, Troop and Borough/Community.   

  • Enter the mailing address where the Historian Award should be mailed.  This could be you, a parent, Troop leader, or adult friend.

  • We urge Troops to request that the Historian Awards be mailed to the Scoutmaster or adult Troop leader.  A list of the Scouts that earned the award will be included.  This makes mailing the awards far more easier and gives the Troop the opportunity to present the awards at a Troop function.


Any questions?  Send us a message:

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