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                                                 Earn the Ten Mile River Historical Trails Award at TMR's Summer Camp

The Ten Mile River Scout Museum is introducing the Ten Mile River Historical Trails award, a National B.S.A.-approved historical trail. The easiest way for your Scouts to earn this new award is this summer at TMR.  Here is how to do it:

Obtain Trail Award Information

Registration info kits, including maps, are available from the and www. websites. Paper copies can be requested through the website, or picked up at the Ten Mile River Scout Museum or the G.N.Y.C. office.


Discuss the different trail award options with your Junior Leaders before camp. Earning the medal requires a minimum 10-mile day hike, usually with a stop at the Museum at Headquarters Camp.


You can earn the medal plus a 14-miler pin by hiking a minimum of 14 miles over two days and camp overnight along the TMR trail at a recognized TMR campsite. This might be best for your older Scouts with previous hiking and camping experience.


Earning the medal plus 30-miler or 50-miler pins will take up most or all of your week at TMR. We recommend that Units desiring to earn these pins during summer camp participate in the TMR Trek program, which provides all necessary food, patrol camping equipment and staff support.


While any trails at TMR can be used to satisfy the hiking requirement, the Museum recommends certain routes, which are in our trail literature and on our website. Each of these routes is designed to satisfy one of the trail award options (medal, 14-, 30-, 50-miler pins). Review the various hike routes and decide which one is best for your Unit.

Register for the Trail Awards

At Sunday TMR check-in, meet with your camp’s Program Director and schedule the trail award as part of your week’s program. If transportation is required, you should plan to provide your own. You can also request it from your Program Director, but

TMR cannot guarantee transportation.


For a day hike (10-miler), your Unit should request a bag lunch or cookable “BBQ” meal. The “BBQ” meal can be cooked on charcoal stoves in the Museum’s picnic area.

For a two-day hike (14-miler), your Unit should coordinate acquisition of food with your camp’s Program Director.


Your Unit should bring your own packs, tents, patrol cook kits and camp stoves.


If you require an overnight campsite, you should contact the Reservation Program Director at Headquarters Camp and reserve one.


Contact the Ten Mile Scout Museum with a proposed hike route and schedule a date and time to visit.


Complete the Trail Award requirements


Complete the hiking requirement. Visit the Museum at the scheduled date and time.

Your Scouts receive and answer the quiz questions.


Receive the Trail Awards


After your Unit completed all trail award requirements, call the Museum and arrange a date and time to submit all required paperwork (answers to quiz questions & essays) and purchase awards.


At the Museum, submit the paperwork and an application to order trail awards. Pay for and receive your trail awards.


For additional information or to ask questions, visit:

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