Al Nichols (Bill Dixon)

I also registered for the draft in Monticello. That was in 1950. I was drafted while working at TMR in l954. Things go slower in the Catskills! I did not keep my draft card!

On Al Nichols..for whatever reason...most likely Bob Broadwell...I would regularly get calls from the New York office PR people to appear on TV and radio programs to promote scouting events in New York area. They had a number of us on the list and it was mostly about availability. One day I get a call from Al Nichols (not during camp season; at home in Brooklyn) Al was not only in charge of Camping but also Public Relations, etc. Many of us thought he was in charge of the world! He did. He had some big program he was introducing to the New York City Council Board of Directors. He asked me to take a day off from school and meet him in the morning in his apartment. It is a long time ago...but I recall the apartment was in mid-town (probably costing today 3 million dollars). As Karl also said..his father was there looking very old (probably my age now!). He went through the entire speech idea with me...he had written a draft. What he wanted was for me to give the presentation to the Board in late afternoon WITHOUT a script. Memorizing speeches, etc. was never my strength. Even though I was the Chapter Chief of Oseetah, I had trouble at the induction ceremonies. In any case came the afternoon I READ the speech from the paper he gave me with nothing added of my own. Al made it clear he was not happy with me....and I was never called again for anything. In reading the history of TMR it is clear he made a significant contribution but in my limited dealing with him...I did not find him to be a very nice man. He was not a Broadwell or a Gilmartin. And I also think Broadwell, Smith or Gilmartin did not really like him as their summer boss. Things seemed happier for the Camp Directors when Broadwell replaced him. I liked Bob Broadwell and Ed Gilmartin a great deal..

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