Indians on Route 97: Epilogue (Bill Dixon)

It was 1950, the third period. As usual, around the time of bed checks, we would start gathering in the dining hall or the administration building waiting for the ceremony to end, and the new brothers and induction team to return. It was a lousy night and there was a slight drizzle. If it had rained hard, the ceremony would be held in the building, but everything was always done to try to avoid that.

The induction site was way behind camp. I have never even thought about what was back there. Logic would tell me that the team was led by George Riordan, since he was Chapter Chief, or maybe Marv Antonoff, since he knew all the parts. I do not recall. I do recall it became 11 o'clock and no new brothers!! This is the story as told by Nick we all know it must be true!!.
Things were slow. It was raining and dark outside, and several Divisions were having their Arrow dinners, so there was no staff hanging around at Dale's. At about 11PM, Nick hears the screeching of brakes pulling up to his place. A car had stopped at the last moment. An older couple comes running in, practically breathless. They tell Nick they have seen Indians ...real Indians, down the road on Route 97. Nick agrees with them that, although they are from the Bronx, they should be able to identify real Indians.
Further, they report that the Indians may have hostages. They looked like scouts walking single file, with the Indians in the front and back. They ask Nick to call the cops. Nick explains they do not have cops, but he can make contact with the State Troopers and, if needed, the National Guard. He will go to the back room and call, and suggests they order coffee and rest. Nick knows his Indians, and calls the D3 administration office. He gets Dan Riviera, who sends a messenger to the dining hall, and then sends someone looking for Ziggy Bookbinder, who is the truck driver. Ziggy was never known for his cat-like reactions, so that took some time, but he finally heads down to 97 and picks them up. We have our dinner around midnight.
Meanwhile Nick has sold two dinners and convinces the couple to rent a cabin!