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The Train to Tusten (Bill Dixon)

That video also mentions the train to Tusten. I recall taking the subway and then walking (with members of my patrol) to the ferry. The ferry crossed the Hudson and took us to the Erie Railroad station. They were HUGH steam engines. I am not sure if it was just in 1944 or also 1945. I do remember very clearly on the train...3rd period 1944...there were four young boys in chains with two guards and shot guns. Every scout had a reason to walk through that car several times to look. The train stopped at Middletown...which had a reform school. In fact when we started taking the bus we passed it. There was a truck waiting for them. Every one of those boys was white. The only blacks on that train was going to Boy Scout Camp. At Tusten, we throw our packs in a truck and walked up to camp. I came to camp for two weeks with just a basic pack and a horseshoe with two blankets.

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